You bought the perfect product for you, you used it but then you noticed that it no longer worked or found out it was faulty! No problem. A compliance warranty is provided for by law.

Some manufacturers also offer a commercial warranty that allows you to receive a refund or a replacement for the product you purchased or have it repaired. This warranty is optional (it may be complimentary or you may need to pay for it) and it is additional to the compulsory legal warranties.

We provide you with an after-sales services so that you can check whether the product warranty is applicable. We can also offer you the best solution to continue enjoying your product.


As a preamble, we would like to remind you that there are three types of warranties: a gthe legal compliance warranty, b the legal hidden defects warranty, and c the commercial warranty.

a The legal compliance warranty applies in cases where defects are observed upon receiving the product. The compliance defects that fall within the framework of this legal warranty are as follows:

  • the item is unfit for its proper and desired use (for example, when a product, which is designed to function wirelessly using battery power, must be plugged into an outlet, repeated breakdowns, missing functions, etc.).
  • the item does not correspond to the description provided by the seller, even if it functions perfectly. For example, if the colour does not correspond to the model displayed.
  • the item does not have all the features stated by the seller.
  • the item has a manufacturing fault, is flawed or is badly assembled.

Faults may be related to:

  • the actual item,
  • the packaging,
  • the assembly instructions,
  • the installation if carried out by a seller or under their responsibility.

As indicated by the name, the b legal hidden defects warranty sapplies to defects that were not obvious at the time of the purchase, which render the item unfit for the use it was designed for or strongly reduce its use. Unlike the compliance warranty, in this case, the buyer must prove the existence of a hidden defect.

Finally, some brands offer a c commercial warranty that is in addition to the legal warranties. Most of the time, this includes a warranty that lasts for longer than the compliance warranty and applies by registering the product on the brand's website.


Malfunctions can appear as you use the product. Some are related to normal wear and tear of the product. Others are related to improper use or neglecting to maintain the product and, therefore, these cases do not fall under the warranty.

Below is a list of warranty durations and exclusions, to help you check whether the malfunction you identified falls under the warranty.


    a The compliance warranty has a duration of 2 years, as provided for by law, and includes a presumption of precedence for the compliance faults, which covers the full two-year period for new items and six months for second hand items.
    The warranty does not cover further sales between two individuals or two professionals.

    b The hidden defects warranty only applies for the two years following the discovery of the defect.

    c The commercial warranties svary depending on the brand. You can find further information about the duration of a commercial warranty on our product pages, either in the “Characteristics” section or in the "Technical information” section.

REMINDER: if you receive no further information, please assume that the legal 2-year compliance warranty applies.


The legal compliance warranty does not apply in the event that:

  • you knew about the fault at the time of purchase.
  • there was no way you could ignored the fault at the time of purchase. (For example, if the seller informed you of said fault).
  • the fault was caused by materials that you provided or added. (For example, if you used a non-compliant battery to power your GPS).

It also does not apply in events of normal wear and tear, improper use of the product, mishandling, not following assembly instructions, faults or malfunctions following collision, impact or a fall, etc.

Below, you will find a detailed (but non-exhaustive) list of the main exclusions:

  1. Replacing worn consumables and parts

    Brake pads, holders, inner tubes, tyres, handles, brake pads, bearings, cables, housings, chainrings, pulleys, chains, cassettes, fork or rear shock seals, spokes, ratchets, disc rotors, braking surface on the rims, derailleur hanger, bulbs, brake fluid, etc.

  2. Improper use of products
    • Cadre

      Frame Improper use, modifications, use of a pressure washer, ...

    • Suspensions

      Suspension Modifications, improper dismantling, pressure, maintenance, use of pressure washer, accumulation of dirt, dust, various types of debris, ...

    • Transmission

      Drivetrain Maintenance, lubrication, cleaning, non-compatible parts, ...

    • Freins

      Brakes Improper bleeding, contamination of pads, disc rotors are non-compliant or incompatible with brake brand, use of pressure washer, incompatible parts and oils,...

    • Périphériques

      Accessories Respecting torque, improper use, incompatible parts, ...

    • Roues

      Wheels Modifications, non-compliant dismantling of hub, use of pressure washer, bad maintenance of freehub body, bearings, non-compliant spoke tension, ...

    • Pneus

      Tyres Pressure, assembly, inappropriate conditions, ...

    • Électronique

      Electronics Improper use of charger or battery, ...

    • Textile

      Clothing Non-compliance with washing instructions, ...

  3. Consequences when a product is used in a manner that does not comply with its designed use (improper use)

    When purchasing a product, use recommendations are often provided in the manual or by seller recommendation. For bikes, you must check the discipline you wish to use it for. For example, a cross-country bike will not be suited to intensive downhill use and so the warranty cannot cover an improper use of the product as the bike parts do not provide for other types of use.

    We provide product use classifications (MTB, wheels, etc.) when our manufacturers provide us with said information.

  4. Faults and their consequences when due to an intervention carried out by the buyer, a repairer or a third party

    A repairer who is not authorised by the brand, bad assembly or dismantling, falls and impact, theft, damages caused by a fire, lightening or a storm, corrosion, modifications to electronic components, addition of incompatible spare parts, direct use of workshop pliers on the carbon frame, use of maintenance products and tools that do not comply with manufacturer recommendations, faded serial number, modifications to paint, ...

  5. Damage that is specifically mentioned on the product pages

    We indicate notes on installation or use for specific products. You must comply with this information as it determines the proper functioning of your product and the application of its warranty.

  6. Neglectful and/or non-compliant maintenance.

    When using a product, you are recommended to maintain the equipment to ensure its optimal functioning. In the event that maintenance is neglected or does not comply with the manufacturer recommendations, the warranty shall not cover faults linked to mistreatment. Periodic maintenance must also be carried out in order for the warranty to apply.

    ADVICE: please follow the user instructions provided by the manufacturer in the manual or on the brand's website.


All bikes are covered by a warranty that covers the first buyer’s frame and parts for a minimum of 2 years.

Some brands go beyond the legal duration and provide specific and/or superior warranty durations.


Requesting a warranty

Email us and at:, and tell us about your issue and the circumstances in which the situation occurred. Please send photos or videos to illustrate. Please also provide us with your order number, the invoice and the product serial number.

When we receive your email, we will process the information and one of our technical advisers will contact you and provide you with our expert assessment in order to:

  • request further information, if necessary to further examine your request; or
  • if the warranty is valid: provide you with information on how to return the product; or
  • if the warranty is not valid: provide you with an alternative solution.

REMINDER: Probikeshop will be responsible for shipping charges of repaired product.

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