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Bike equipment


Bike equipment – The cyclist's equipment

“Bike equipment” involves anything that affects the comfort and well-being of the cyclist both on and off the bike. This includes technical clothing so you can ride in the best conditions, whatever your discipline and whatever the weather, compression clothing to help with recovery, and protective gear that guarantees the safety of every enthusiast without getting in the way of their practice. And all is accompanied by nutrition, hydration and treatments. Whether a road bike, MTB or BMX, children or adults, men or women...on, there is equipment for everyone!


Bike equipment – Clothing and protective gear

Bike equipment is specifically designed according to the discipline in question to meet the requirements of the practice. One thing is certain, on, you will find everything you need. Shorts, jerseys, jackets, sunglasses, goggles, socks, arm warmers, leg warmers, shoes, gloves, trousers... everything is there! The same goes for protective gear: classic, bowl or full face helmets, back protectors, knee guards, elbow guards, shin, ankle or wrist guards, neck braces... Whatever risk you take, you have a large choice of items to ensure maximum safety.


Bike equipment – hydration, nutrition and treatments

Cycling is a physically demanding discipline and that is why you should always remember your hydration, nutrition and treatments when you pay a visit to the “personal equipment” section. Cycling can require very intense short bursts of energy, sometimes, a longer-lasting effort and, other times, even both. In any case, cyclists expend a huge amount of energy that must be compensated if you want to recover easily, maintain your performance level and get ready for your next ride: all of this requires a suitable diet. And there are also treatments to help you in your recovery or avoid small aches and pains, so you can ride comfortably and continue to enjoy cycling.

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