Tubeless Conversion Kit

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Tubeless MTB conversion kit, ride with confidence

You frequently ride on lumpy trails, littered with sharp stones and rocks that are not always good for your tyres, and that might even be dangerous for your personal safety. Change your tyre set up to significantly reduce the number of flats by treating yourself to a tubeless MTB conversion kit and transform your rims into tubeless ready mode for added safety

Transform your ride with a tubeless conversion kit

The conversion kit includes a tube of Joe’s Super Sealant and rim tape. It’s because of tubeless technology that you will reduce the risk of both slow and fast punctures as your tyres are more resistant

Riding tubeless cuts out pinching, consequently there’s a reduced risk of punctures. Your tyres float over stones and rocks encountered on your rides and are more resistant to cuts and gashes from sharp objects. By changing your tyre set up you will improve the quality of your training rides and spend less time repairing punctures

Probikeshop, the cycling specialist, is just a simple click away

The Tubeless MTB conversion kit will allow you to change your classic tyre set up to a tubeless system. No further need of clinchers and a significantly reduced risk of flats. It’s easy to convert your classic rims into tubeless ready rims

Choose the right tubeless kit for your rims and ride in complete confidence. Don’t hesitate to ask our experts for assistance in choosing the right kit for your rims, cut out flats and give your ride a whole new impulsion. Tubeless technology has proved itself as a go-to ride set up to allow you to progress rapidly and in complete safety

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