Thermal Base Layers

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The MTB base layer, necessary comfort clothing

During intensive training rides and when racing, especially in extreme temperatures, an MTB base layer is more than a useful investment, it is an essential item. Cycling base layers, like a T-shirt, are worn next to the skin for optimal cyclist comfort irrespective of the weather conditions as they regulate the body’s temperature. Whether it snows, rains, or is just simply extremely cold, invest in an MTB base layer and boost your performance when racing and training

A base layer for regulating the cyclist’s body temperature

Whether bitterly cold or just inclement weather, committed cyclists need to seriously care for their body and welfare. It is certainly the case in very low temperatures, but if you wish to increase your performance and your racing capacity you need to maintain a constant body temperature. It is exactly in this situation where the MTB base layer becomes an essential item

It’s due to a specific technology used in the manufacture of base layers that they can maintain your body temperature at a constant heat, they also wick any moisture that builds up especially when the heat is on during a race or an intensive workout. Consequently, you optimise your performance and ride in comfort

Probikeshop for MTB base layers

Whether for racing or training, it is vital to be properly equipped to handle all circumstances, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing. Choose a base layer from the wide range on offer at Probikeshop and be prepared for every situation

Flatlock seams for optimal comfort, strategic ventilation under the arms, a comfortable fabric that doesn’t rub as you move in or out of the saddle. In fact, everything you need to ride when you want irrespective of the weather

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