Women’s bikes – Women’s bikes in every bike range

Women’s bikes are suited to women’s body shapes. This includes the frame dimensions and the choice of components. Today, there are women’s bikes for all types of bikes, from MTBs to city bikes, without forgetting road bikes. Thanks to their design, style and colours, these bikes are suitable for women. Manufacturers offer full ranges of bikes where everything from the frame to the accessories suits a feminine style and corresponds to the taste of women in every generation.

Women’s bikes – A specific saddle

Aside from the frame, women’s bikes include a part that must suit the female body shape and cannot be chosen lightly: the women’s saddle. Today, saddle manufacturers offer products that suit the shape of the female pelvis. Gone are the days of there being one single model for women. Today, there is now a large range of saddles, like for men, which suit every practice from trekking to competitions. You can choose your ideal saddle on, according to your budget and your favourite discipline (shape, rails, shell, coating, etc.)

Women’s bikes – Women’s equipment

We women now have a large range of equipment for cycling. From women’s cycling shoes to women's cycling sunglasses,without forgetting women’s bike helmets and technical clothing, brands are now putting colours and looks on the market that suit the tastes of each and every one of us. On, you will find a large choice of women’s shorts, gloves, jackets, socks, jerseys and underwear from many different manufacturers. Women’s styles and cuts have been carefully researched to provide models that suit each and every one of us and that optimise our comfort when we cycle.
Thanks to our women’s bike shop, you will find all the equipment you need to cycle:
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