MTB - The all-purpose bike

MTB is acronym for a bike for all grounds. MTB is an American invention from the 70s. Even when some people have tried to ride beaten tracks with their bicycles, it's on that time when the first bikes designed for all ground appeared. Nowadays it is commonly admitted that John Breeze is the instigator of this revolution. Tom Ritchey, Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly have rejoined the MTB pantheon by boosting this type of bike's production and democratizing the new discipline.

MTB - Material in constant evolution

A MTB was in the beginning a shorter and more solid frame than in road bike, more clearingat the fork and rear triangle level, flat handlebar, an adapted drivetrain to ride everywhere and smaller wheels to support large and knobby tyres. This discipine has got a very high success and has considerably diversified. MTB groups today several similar disciplines together, such as Cross Country, Enduro cycling, Downhill, Freeride and All Mountain. According to the discipline you find everything you need at frame with a specific geometry, disc brakes or V-brakes, adapted drivetrain, 26" or 29" wheels, rear shocks and suspension forks with different travel.

MTB - Special equipment

MTB, from XC to Freeride, is a sport that demands specificity concerning the material and equipment. According to your favourite discipline and risks, you have to choose your clothes and protections carefully from a large range: simple gloves, back protector, helmet, integral helmet, knee protections, elbow protections, sunglasses, goggles, jersey, bibshorts, shorts or pants. At you have a lot of choice!
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