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Bearing setter and extractor tools for headsets, hubs and bottom brackets

Certain bike components suffer wear and tear due to the stresses of uneven roads and long distance rides; bearings are a case in point. Found in the headset, hub, and bottom bracket, bearings quite simply allow your bike to function correctly, to turn the steerer, to spin the rims and crank. Therefore, at the first sign of bearing fatigue you should remove and replace the relevant bearings

Setter and extractor tools, essential for replacing faulty bearings

A bike is made up of a multitude of small parts, each as equally important as the next. Despite the advanced technology used, nobody has yet come up with an easy way of extracting and setting bearings without specialist tools. This explains why an investment in a comprehensive set of workshop tools is highly recommended if you are to get the best out of your bike by keeping it well serviced

The extractor tool allows you to replace a faulty or worn bearing. Either in the form of a spanner or a sort of screwdriving tool, the extractor/setter is a must-have piece of equipment for your workshop

Probikeshop, the specialist in workshop tools and accessories

Changing bearings can become a bit of a regular job. Using your extractor/setter tool, you can easily remove a faulty bearing and replace it with a new part

By shopping at Probikeshop, you can choose from a wide range of premium quality workshop tools, the regular use of which, will guarantee the solidity and good working condition of your bike

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