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Cycling jackets and gilets that regulate your body temperature

Cycling, an outdoor sport by excellence, can be performed in any weather if you are sufficiently equipped with adequate clothing. In addition to cycling shoes, base layers, and jerseys, you should also think about a cycling jacket or gilet (sleeveless jacket) to protect you from the elements but that allows your body to breathe particularly in the sensitive areas of the upper body

The cycling jacket and gilet for breathability and waterproofing

The cycling jacket or gilet is a must-have in every cyclist's wardrobe and is easily stowed in a jersey pocket. Specifically designed for cyclists who ride whatever the weather, the cycling jacket will protect you from wind and light rain, or during a fast descent

Its special material ensures that any excess body heat and moisture are rapidly wicked away to allow you to train or race in the best possible conditions. Practical, very simple but highly effective, the cycling jacket is an essential accessory for every cyclist

Choose a cycling jacket or gilet from Probikeshop

At Probikeshop, we understand the need for quality accessories. We offer you a wide choice of cycling jackets and gilets to allow you to identify the accessory you require. Each model has its own features and characteristics, to provide you with the best possible comfort when training or racing

Choose from the various models and technical features available on our website for the cycling jacket or gilet that reflects your cycling style, level, and budget. Easy to fold and pack away into a pocket, a breathable cycling jacket or gilet will see you equipped for any contingencies and allow you to confidently face up to any weather. Choose, from our large choice, the cycling jacket or gilet that corresponds to your needs when riding

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