Triathlon, a complete discipline

Triathlon is a discipline that consists of 3 events: swimming, cycling and running. In competitions, the standard triathlon distances are 1500m for swimming, 40km for cycling and 10km for running. However, there are several triathlon formats: they can range from XS to XL formats where the distance is then multiplied by 20! It is a very trendy discipline because the 3 different activities require very distinct skills and each one uses different muscles. Therefore, you develop the whole body while practising “one sport only”. In France, there are approximately 900 triathlon clubs and over 50,000 members throughout the country. The number of discipline enthusiasts and practitioners is increasing both in the country and on a European level. Because of this, Probikeshop decided to develop a special range just for Triathlon. We searched for the most reliable and high-performance products so that you can practice your discipline in the best conditions. As this practice became more and more sophisticated, a special triathlon material was developed. There are swimming outfits specifically designed for triathlons. The outfits are known as “race suits” as they can be worn to swim, pedal and run without having to change.

The triathlon, a practice that is becoming more accessible

Triathlon is one of these sports that has a unique characteristic: this discipline stands out thanks to its equal treatment of men and women in high-level competitions where both genders compete together. Since it was created, the sport has constantly evolved to become increasingly popular. In France, the number of practising triatheletes rose from 20,000 in 2004 to over 200,000 in 2020.

New triathlon equipment

Triathlon equipment has also greatly evolved to suit all practitioners, whatever their level. Neoprene skinsuits help them float and guarantee thermal protection. There are race suits, handlebar extenders for triathlon bikes so triatheletes can adopt a more aerodynamic position (like with time trial bikes), cycling shoes specially made with no tie shoelaces, etc. Need advice? Don't know how to choose the right outfit or the right equipment? Probikeshop is here for you!
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