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For optimal aero on the bike, nothing beats a speed or tri suit

As a cyclist, it is impossible to ignore the importance of the clothes you wear. Whether training or racing, clothing can quickly become an ally or an enemy, especially if you are determined to beat your PB. Friction, wind resistance and unrestricted freedom of movement are features that need to be carefully considered. A skin or tri suit, at the cutting edge of aerodynamics, is the answer to your needs

A skin suit for every situation

Every race, every velodrome track and every type of weather is different. Wind, rain, a steep road or trail, the perfect skin or tri suit needs to adapt to every situation for your comfort. Low wind resistance, little or no friction and the perfect aerodynamics are just some of the features to be gained from a skin suit

The choice of the perfect skin suit for a given situation requires you to study the weather and road surface conditions. By taking into account the overall situation, you will identify the optimal skin suit in terms of the fabrics used and the cut

Probikeshop, the specialist in cycling components and accessories

Probikeshop stocks a wide and comprehensive range of skin and tri suits for every situation to help you step up and beat your PB. They mould to your body, cut wind resistance, while offering optimal freedom of movement

Made from highly stretchable fabrics, skin and tri suits effectively wick away moisture to leave you comfortable and capable of raising your game. Treat yourself to a skin suit and notice the difference in comfort and performance

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