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Rim tape, a vital element for your wheels

You need to be fully equipped if your bike is going to perform as it should. You need to keep your bike running smoothly in all circumstances, in all weather conditions and on all surfaces. And when it comes to your rims and tyres you need rim tape. Learn more about the rim tape's role in this article

MTB rim tape, the core to your training rides

The rim tape is a separate component, it has a rubbery texture. It helps bed in clincher tyres avoiding their direct contact with the rim inner and is available for use with tubeless tyres too

Its role is to prevent the inflated and pressurised tube from coming into contact with the rim spoke heads because if this happens there is an increased risk of punctures. MTB rim tape ensures that your tyres are in good working order and in good condition, they are an essential element for your training sessions

Replace your rim tape at Probikeshop

At the slightest sign of an issue with your MTB rim tape, whether you are riding tubeless or not, it is crucial that you replace it quickly. The good condition of your rim tape guarantees the quality of your training and races

Probikeshop stocks a wide range of rim tape for all rim widths. Be sure to check the size you require to avoid the rim tape failing to fulfil its correct role

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