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Components for electric road bikes

Electric road bikes, or e-bikes, are now a viable option for all cyclists following the extraordinary progress over recent years. With a comprehensive range of models for all types of road cycling (touring, sportives, performance), e-bikes benefit from a highly advanced design and though they are light in weight, they are very durable.

Electric road bikes – performance matching expectations

E road bikes have sufficient range to allow the cyclist to ride between 50 and 100 km on one charge. Sometimes this range guideline can be surpassed due to the amount of climbing and descending, the weather conditions (wind and temperature), rider weight and fitness. For less fit cyclists requiring electric support for most of their ride or for those wanting to ride longer distances, it is possible to carry a second battery in a backpack. On most models of e-bike the battery is housed in the down tube. The battery is connected to a motor either in the rear wheel – for optimal power transmission and a fluid pedal stroke, or in the area of the bottom bracket – for a lower centre of gravity, excellent weight distribution and the freedom to fit the wheels of your choice. To assist pedalling, the motor automatically kicks in when you pedal (via a cadence sensor in the chain stay) but above 25 km/h, it automatically cuts out to allow higher speeds to be reached without any pedalling resistance.

Component parts for electric road bikes

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