Electric Bike


Electric bikes, the revival of the discipline

The electric bike (e-bike), as the name indicates, is a bike with an electric motor, which aims to provide pedal assistance to cyclists who must, nevertheless, make that initial physical effort for the motor to function. The electric bike appeared at the beginning of the 20th century when the first prototypes were designed and manufactured. That said, the e-bike was only popularised at the beginning of the millennium, namely in Asian countries where they are mainly used as a means of transport. The rest of the world followed suit and the e-bike market is now highly developed and continues to evolve: in 2020, in France, almost one out of 5 bikes sold was an electric bike. To meet this strong demand, Probikeshop developed its range of electric products: fully-assembled bikes (electric MTBs, road bikes, urban bikes), as well as all equipment and accessories that the practice requires: - E-bike batteries and chargers - E-bike on-board computers - E-bike maintenance products - E-bike bags, lights, protections and bike carriers - And more!

A new way of approaching the roads

Thanks to its unparalleled comfort and ease of use, the electric bike has become a must-have. The bike is extremely accessible as it is so easy to use, meaning that a large number of people can enjoy it, whether they are sporty or not. Consequently, the electric bike has become more diverse: there are electric bikes for men, for women and even for children, folding electric bikes, cheaper electric bikes, etc. The electric bike is also a wonderful substitute for more polluting means of transport (cars, buses, etc.) and people can travel with minimum effort. At Probikeshop, you can find your ideal electric bike. Don't know what bike to choose or what equipment and accessories you need? We are committed to providing you with tailored advice that is suited to your practice, your needs and your desires.
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