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Electrically assisted bikes enabling you to go further and further

E-bikes have become extremely popular in recent years and the number of users increases exponentially. E-bikes are highly practical and are very practical and provide fantastic assistance for a number of different uses. Benefitting from constant technical progress that has made significant progress in the range, these bikes let you go to work, do your shopping, or continue your workouts though with a certain level of support. The motor does not detract from the intensity and the superior weight compared to a standard bike as the motor compensates for this weight with the support that it offers. The result is extraordinary performance for maximum pleasure with every pedal stroke.

The battery determines the range

E-bikes are equipped with a battery, located in different positions on the bike depending on the make and model. On some models, the battery is actually integrated into the frame to improve the aesthetics and further aerodynamic performance, whereas on other models the battery is mounted on the different tubes of the frame. The battery is a key factor in determining the level of range. Bosch and Shimano have designed batteries that offer considerable range, for more miles, between recharging.

The choice of motor equates to the choice of performance

Electrically assisted bikes are equipped with a motor that provides invaluable help. Bike builders have the choice of siting the motor either in the crankset or in the hub of the front or rear wheels. The motor incorporates state-of-the-art technologies that will help you pedal more easily and for longer. It helps to smooth out slopes, or for carrying loads on pannier racks.

A wide range of products for every type of use

Focus, Cannondale and Wilier are just a few of the bike builders who have entered the e-bike market and for whom e-assist is no longer the reserve of road bikes, as the market has now extended to cover city bikes for urban riding and adventure bikes for tackling all types of trails and paths. The frame design is tailored to the intended use of the bike. Carbon frames provide impressive performance whereas alloy frames emphasise comfort, strength and versatility. The components and accessories mounted and fitted to electrically assisted bikes, have been specifically designed for this type of riding. Disc braking systems are usual due to their added stopping power. Tyres need to be robust and grippy to create optimal safety conditions for the cyclist.
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