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Women’s Electric MTB - Feminine curves and a motor

The women’s electric MTB is technically very similar to a men's model. The difference generally lies in the shape of the frame: the top tube is lower and easy to step over, and the components are specially suited to women (saddle, handlebar, stem, cranks).

An electric MTB - Taking the plunge

Electric MTBs provide new possibilities for cyclists, whatever their level. Electric bikes are an excellent way of slowly getting back on the saddle and staying in shape. When using maximum assistance on a flat route, riding takes the same amount of effort as walking on foot.
Beyond that, an electric MTB allows you to consider routes that you would otherwise have deemed too lengthy or difficult, whether physically or technically, namely in the mountains. When you ride an electric MTB, it gives you the opportunity to cycle in another way by focussing on steering although this does not mean you need to forget about the physical dimension. You will be able to go faster through rolling and/or less exciting terrain and face the more technical sections in better conditions.

Women’s electric MTB models - The differences compared to men’s electric MTBs

Compared to a men’s model, the women’s electric MTB often features a trapeze frame, that is to say that the top tube is lower, providing the perfect combination of comfort, stability and performance. Whatever your practice, many women’s electric MTBs come with 27.5” and 29” wheels, according to the size of the frame and, thus, also the size of the pilot. However, you can also find 29” wheels on bikes with small frames, particularly models designed for Cross- Country where large wheels have a positive effect on performance and make the ride easier overall.
Other than the frame, these bikes also benefit from tailored components such as, amongst others, saddles that are designed for the female shape, smaller handlebars and shorter stems, as well as shorter cranks. All in all, it is the same as men’s electric MTB models but with that extra feminine touch!
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