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Cycling gloves for optimal bar comfort

Cycling gloves are a must for anyone who rides long distances. One of the three contact points, any road buzz is going to be felt primarily via the front fork and the bar to such an extent that it can become painful. A cyclist in pain is not a cyclist at the top of their game. A pair of correctly fitting cycling gloves will go a long way to alleviating buzz and the repetitive gestures of shifting and braking, and enable you to ride to your best

Protect your hands with a pair of cycling gloves

Cycling gloves are a must. Whether you are an adept of road, gravel, or mountain bikes, it's vital that your hands are protected and comfortable because you spend hours bent over your bike with your hands on the bars. Your hands support part of your body weight and steer your bike

Avoid blisters from rubbing and the numbness from road buzz travelling up the front fork by investing in a pair of quality cycling gloves. Gloves also protect your hands in the event of a crash. Long-fingered gloves for the autumn and winter and short-fingered for the summer

Find your next pair of cycling gloves at Probikeshop

A pair of cycling gloves with gel inserts will ensure that your hands feel good every day. Made of materials that are abrasion and vibration resistant, cycling gloves are perfectly suited for all types of roads. Gloves featuring Velcro wrist fastenings are easily put on or removed

Enjoy the softness and support of the palm with gel inserts to step up and reach your peak

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