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Cycling gloves for optimal riding comfort

Among all the equipment required for training and racing, you should not overlook a pair of cycling gloves. With constant pressure on the bike bars, without a pair of quality gloves your hands would regularly suffer from discomfort, that after a while would become remarkably unpleasant. Get a good pair of cycling gloves, and experience the comfort that will improve your cycling skills

The protection and grip from a pair of pro quality cycling gloves

Road cycling gloves are primarily designed with the rider’s comfort and protection foremost. Often padded or with gel inserts on the palms to provide optimal comfort, they are an essential element in the regular cyclist’s wardrobe. It is vital to choose a pair of perfect cycling gloves that correspond with your style, expectations, and weather type to avoid unnecessary hand pain when training, racing or when just out for a fun ride

With an airy comfort, cycling gloves liberate your fingers for unrestricted freedom of movement to activate the shifters and brake levers. They are designed to offer the rider perfect grip irrespective of the weather conditions for safe and predictable bike handling

Cycling gloves, essential training, and racing equipment from Probikeshop

In addition to the comfort and support in the palms, cycling gloves have a unique grip, allowing you to fully grasp the bars and always remain in full control of your bike

At Probikeshop, we offer you a wide range of cycling gloves to allow you to choose the perfect pair of gloves that correspond with your style, level, and budget. Whether you intend to use them for hard workouts and racing, for ultra-distance events or for simple fun rides across favourable terrain, the perfect pair of gloves will offer you greater comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement for your hands and fingers

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