Accessories for electric bikes - The low-down

As electric bikes develop, specific new accessories emerge and they are indispensable, or you’ll find they quickly become so: battery, charger, console as well as bike carrier, lights and even maintenance products...
Getting good accessories makes your time on the bike even better, more enjoyable and safer. Here, you will find everything you need to kit out your bike or your workshop, whatever your favourite discipline (Road, MTB, Urban). There's a large choice of:
  • batteries and chargers for your e-bike (so you can have one at work and one at home, for example).
  • on-board computers,
  • special bike carriers that are very resistant and come with a loading ramp to make your bike easier to manoeuvre.
  • maintenance products that do not damage the electronics and preserve your electric bike
  • backpacks or luggage with a special position for the battery
  • lights that connect directly to your battery system
  • adapted bike locks: as e-bikes are more coveted than other bikes, they need to be properly protected against theft. Choose sturdy chains and U-locks but check that they are compatible with your bike dimensions and always remember that the best protection is to store your bike indoors (in a garage, bike shed, building hall) for long and medium-length stops.

Lights, locks and mudguards ensure your bike is safely equipped for all your trips into town. Our backpacks and bags allow you to finally bring along everything you need! Electric bike bags mean you can carry an extra battery. Bike computers and GPS systems help you to reach your athletic objectives or just direct you. With the right tools, suitable maintenance products, a good inner tube, a reliable and effective pump, you will have a complete home repair workshop - and your bike will thank you for it!
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