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The BMX Race range, equipped to cope with every situation

Confirmed BMX rider for some time, you particularly enjoy racing against other thrill seekers. But somewhere between the fun of riding a bike perfectly adaptable to all roads and the urge to win, the most important thing is to protect yourself and your bike. Discover our BMX Race range that is fully adapted to all your racing needs, whatever the level of difficulty

Maintain your bike and ensure your well-being

BMX races are unique in that they are extremely intense, both for you and your bike. So, it is essential that you have a supply of replacement parts with you whenever you might need them. From a pair of tyre levers, cable housing, to brake cable sets and pedals, anticipate every contingency so you don't go off track and lose the race

And the same caution should apply to you, as BMX races, frequently ridden on very rough terrain, can be hard on the knees and joints. Anticipate every situation to avoid severe pain and to care for your body even during the race

The BMX Race range from Probikeshop

BMX riding is intensive and has a big impact on your body and certain components of your bike that are designed to wear. Get equipped with all the tools and materials you need to repair your bike in case of an issue, and to take care of yourself

Probikeshop offers you a complete range of replacement parts and equipment necessary for issue-free racing. Anticipate every possible situation, and get ready to win the race!

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