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Cycling head and neckwear for optimal comfort whatever the weather

As a passionate cyclist or commuter, no weather stands in the way of a training ride or getting to work. There's no such thing as bad weather just inadequate clothing, which is why it is important to be properly equipped to face any situation! Losing roughly 10% of body heat through the head and neck, it makes sense to be properly equipped. Don’t wait any longer, check out the comprehensive range of head and neckwear at Probikeshop

Though first designed decades ago, the cycling cap is the perfect partner for all your races and training rides

Whether you are looking for a cycling cap, a neck warmer or other head and neckwear, you need to consider the road conditions as well as the temperature. For example, for a mid-summer race, it is good idea to take a cycling cap with you. Though first designed several decades ago, cycling caps still offer protection from the sun, unhindered visibility and most importantly they are held in place under the helmet so do not slip or fall off

On the other hand, winter training rides and races require more suitable head and neckwear such as neck warmers and skull caps as they are the perfect answer when the temperature drops

Select the perfect head and neckwear at Probikeshop

At Probikeshop, we know that your equipment and clothing are just as important to your training as your performance. To help you find the perfect cycling wear for you whatever the weather conditions, we stock a wide and diversified range of cycling clothing

You choose the perfect head and neckwear for you. It's all about anticipation and preparation. Equip yourself properly and step up to smash your PB’s

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