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BMX - Bike that imitates motocross

BMX is a term that comes from Bicycle Motocross! MX stands indeed for Motocross. But why  talk about Motocross when the subject is biking ? BMX, that began in the late 1960s in California, is an adaptation of motocross, that was very popular at the time. The young people or simply those who couldn't afford to buy a motorcycle developped a more affordable way to imite their idols. The impassioned BMX cyclists have went very far with the similarity by wearing the same clothes and constructing same kind of circuits with lots of bumps and bends.   

BMX - From Race to Freestyle

BMX has become very popular and it has even become an Olympic sport in 2008. But what is a BMX after all? It's a little frame with a specific handlebar, in general a rear brake, 20" wheels, one speed and large tyres (knobby tyres or not, it depends on the course and discipline). Today BMX (sometimes called bicross) is a term that covers several practices from race to Freestyle. People realized soon that with this bike it was possible to make different  figures: that's where rotor or pegs appeared and BMX became a full urban sport.


BMX - Specific material and equipment

BMX is Race, Flat, Street, Dirt, Park...there's a lot of different practices who all need adapted material and equipment. You can find at all the components, frames and complete bikes that meet every discipline's requirements. propose also protections (bowl helmet, integral helmet, elbow protections, knee protections), technical wear (gloves, jerseys, shorts, pants, shoes) and streetwear clothes to equip you perfectly in your favorite discipline's style.
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