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Step-through bikes, for all your urban rides

Extremely popular, very design and practical step-through city bikes feature technical characteristics for everyday riding. Add in their superior comfort and ease of use, it’s the perfect bike for all your urban trips

Step-through bikes, the ultimate in comfort

Also called Dutch bikes as they were first designed and used in Holland. Their design is very different from a standard bike, the geometry quite unique. As their name suggests, you just slide your foot through, in complete control, to the other side of the bike. Ever so easy to handle, step-throughs are now found throughout the world. The ride position is more upright for a more comfortable ride, the frame is slightly wider than a standard frame. No need to perform contortion tricks to get in the saddle

An upright position is synonymous with comfort, but less so with speed. As an everyday commute bike, or for the shop run, or for dropping by on friends in town, the step-through is the way forward. Frequently equipped with a small handlebar panier and imposing mudguards for practical urban riding

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In contrast to road and mountain bikes, the step-through has not been designed for speed but to be easy to handle and use on all surfaces. Designed for the comfort and convenience of its user, it is perfect for carrying small bags and for riding in complete peace of mind. The step-through is the ultimate in ride comfort

Not just stylish, the step-through is highly practical and ticks all your boxes as your perfect city bike. Its upright ride position, easy manoeuvrability and comfortable saddle make it the perfect bike for your commuting or other city needs

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