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Cassette lockring and chain tools

The cassette is the bike’s equivalent of a vehicle gearbox. In reality the cassette is a number of varying size sprockets on a carrier, but of such importance as it allows you to quite simply change gear as per the profile and difficulty or your course. However, and like all component parts on your road or MTB bike, the cassette is subject to wear. However, as a vital element for the proper operation of your bike when training and racing you should replace the cassette, using the appropriate tools, with the very first signs of fatigue

The cassette lockring for coping with every cassette issue

The cassette lockring is a vital element that we recommend you carry with you in an emergency bag No matter if you race your bike or just ride it for fun, everyone has to change their sprockets sometimes. And you can't do it without a cassette lockring

An important and incredibly well-designed tool, the cassette lockring is often supplied with an Allen key, which allows you to tighten and loosen each sprocket, as well as other various components on your bike. It is the must-have tool for all bike and mountain bike enthusiasts

Replace your cassette lockring and chain tools at Probikeshop

More efficient, more effective and more technical, Probikeshop stocks a wide range of workshop tools to allow you to regularly service your bike, starting with a cassette lockring tool

Made of durable and resistant materials, the cassette lockring tool found at Probikeshop will enable you to properly maintain your cassette and its sprockets in all circumstances. Treat yourself or upgrade your current workshop tools to keep your bike in pristine condition whatever your type of cycling. Certain tools, such as chain breakers, are useful carrying on all your rides

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