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The multi-tool, the cyclist’s go-to repair all tool

Irrespective if you ride for fun or if you are committed racer, you will have learnt from experience that you are highly likely to encounter an issue with the proper working of your bike. This could be anything from a broken pedal to a damaged sprocket or just a simple locknut that needs tightening, the type of situation that you have had, and will continue to haven experience. As such you will appreciate that it is far wiser to always ride with a multi-tool than to walk home. Select from the wide range of multi-tools on stock at Probikeshop and avoid basic issues when out on the bike

The multi-tool, vital for your on-the-go repairs

Cyclists’ multi-tools have been specifically thought out to offer a practical means of repairing a basic issue. It is a simple tool, like a Swiss Army Knife, with a host of functions, allowing you to adjust your bike while out on a ride, enabling you to get home

A multi-tool is commonly equipped with every type of screwdriver in various sizes, plus other commonly-found workshop tools in a scaled-down format, allowing you to replace faulty parts, irrespective if out on the road or an off-road trail. The multi-tool is your reply to every situation! Easy to operate and handle

Choose from the wide range of multi-tools on stock at Probikeshop

At Probikeshop, we appreciate that your safety depends above all on the care you take with your bike, but also on the equipment you have. To enable you to ride carefree, we stock a large range of spare parts and repair tools for your bike

Irrespective if a road bike, MTB or BMX, repairs are inevitable, especially when you ride on a very regular basis. With a quality multi-tool, you will be ready to handle most issues whilst out on the bike

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