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Electric MTB bike carrier: travel with your electric MTB!

Electric MTB carriers are different from traditional bike carriers: they need to cater for different weight and size criteria. Unlike classic bikes, electric MTBs are heavier, weighing between 20 and 24 kilogrammes, due to the battery. They are often larger, with a reinforced frame and larger tyres. This is why it is important to choose an electric MTB carrier carefully so you can travel safely!


Spotlight on our favourite: the tow bar-mounted electric bike carrier

There are three types of bike carrier: rear-mounted bike carriers, roof-mounted bike carriers, and tow bar-mounted bike carriers. Tow bar-mounted options are preferable for electric bike carriers. They are sturdier so they keep your electric MTB perfectly in place and they avoid damage during transport. Thanks to the tow bar-mounted electric MTB carrier, your numberplate remains visible and the tow ball allows you to fasten your bike quickly and easily. Moreover, once installed, the tow bar-mounted electric MTB carrier does not prevent you from accessing the boot so you can still have easy access to it, even once your bikes have been placed in the carrier. There are different ways to keep the bikes in place: arms, straps, tension bands and loops.


Choose PROBIKESHOP to transport your electric MTB wherever you want

The tow bar-mounted electric bike carrier is the safest and most suitable solution to transport your electric bike wherever you want. The tow bar-mounted electric MTB carrier keeps your bike in an optimal position without getting in the way of your driving. It has a much greater capacity than the classic bike carriers so it can bear the weight of your electric MTBs. The electric bike carrier allows you to transport two electric MTBs without the two touching. So, off you go on a quest for new landscapes, either alone or with others, together with your electric MTB!

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