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Chain and bike cleaning products for regular maintenance

No matter whether you ride your bike for fun or for racing, it is essential that you maintain it on a regular basis. All parts must be in good working condition and for this there is nothing better than spending money on quality bike cleaning products. Ensure that your bike is well maintained by purchasing your cleaning tools and products from Probikeshop

A bike degreaser to keep your components in good condition

Bike cleaning products are a must for any workshop, and we advise that you ride with some basic cleaning materials. Chains tend to pick up dirt and grime as they rotate, and this can lead to wear. They attract impurities from the road or trails that you ride leading to a build-up of grease. An excessively greasy chain is likely to jump very often, hampering training and damaging your bike in the long term

A complete bike cleaning kit including brushes, chain scrubber, degreaser and cleaning fluid is essential. Whatever, you should take the time to regularly clean your bike, and most importantly the drivetrain

Find all your bike cleaning products at Probikeshop

Each situation has its own degreaser! The conditions and the amount that you ride your bike will determine how often you need to clean it, but if you notice that the chain quickly accumulates grease you should clean it regularly

With a little bike cleaner and a brush, your chain is always in good working order. Take the time to maintain it, and take your performance to the next level

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