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Pro quality cycling wear to be at the top of your game

As a road or VTT cyclist, you will appreciate that not only the bike and its components, but also the clothing you wear, has a large influence on your performance. Clothing that needs to be comfortable and adapted to the conditions encountered to enable you to improve your performance and regulate your body temperature. Quality clothing, from head to toe, like the components on your bike, allow you to step up. At Probikeshop you will find a complete range of quality clothing to choose from

Choose Pro quality ride wear for your training sessions

Choosing your cycling gear is vital. The truth is that the right cycling clothes depend entirely on the type of training you do. If you are working on your stamina, you need garments with a minimum of wind resistance and a perfect close-cut fit

For example, a pro cycling jersey has the perfect cut to fit your body for you to reach optimal speeds, even in a head or side wind. Flatlock seams and highly technical materials will wick moisture effectively away to leave you dry

Choose from the wide range of Pro quality gear on stock at Probikeshop

Whether you want a pro team cycling jersey or just a pair of socks, you have the choice of a comprehensive range of materials and brands at Probikeshop, plus a wide choice of sizes. Step up with some quality cycling gear

Select the right cycling apparel and adapt your clothing to your race or training conditions. Whether it's speed or technical performance, clothing has an important influence on your comfort and consequently, your performance. Find what you need at Probikeshop

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