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BMX freestyle, a complete range of accessories for your training rides

You are neither an adept of track cycling, nor touring nor road cycling, your thing is performing aerial or terrestrial flips, tricks, and whips on a BMX bike. To do justice to all the figures you intend hitting you need a bike properly fitted out, nor should you overlook equipping yourself with all the right kit while anticipating any issues with the bike when competing

BMX pro freestyle, an intense sport

It's impossible to get bored of all the tricks, both in the air and on the ground, performed by pro BMX freestyle riders. As impressive as they are physical, these figures require a significant amount of practice, plus well-equipped bikes to handle the acrobatics. A lightweight, yet sturdy frame, replacement component parts in the just in case of a breakage and above all outstanding control. Professional BMX freestyle riding also involves anticipating every eventuality

Be prepared for anything from punctures to damaged or even broken frames. It’s only with patience and dedication that you will procure a complete range of components and accessories. It’s only with the right material that you will achieve all the figures you dream of

Everything you need for BMX freestyle is at Probikeshop

Probikeshop stocks a vast range of bikes, spare parts and varied miscellaneous accessories that will allow you to improve your BMX style. Choose the material that is adapted to your bike, and to the demands of the tricks that you want to perform

Probikeshop is so passionate about cycling that it stocks a vast range of material for all cycling disciplines. Equip your bike and yourself and enjoy performing those flips and whips

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