Complete BMX

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    • CULT
    • KINK BMX
    • SE BIKES
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    • Beige
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    • Multicolour
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  • Rotor (360º)  : All
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  • Rider / Frame Size  : All
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    • 1.25-1.35 m / 17"-18"
    • 1.35-1.45 m / 18.5"-19.5"
    • 1.45-1.55 m / 20"-20.2"
    • 1.55-1.65 m / 20.25"-20.3"
    • 1.65-1.75 m / 20.5"-20.75"
    • 1.75-1.85 m / 20.8"-21"
    • >1.85 m / > 21"
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    • 10 - 12 kg
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BMX bikes, the optimal ride

BMX, the extreme cycling discipline, requires the rider’s flawless and absolute control of their bike. BMX bikes have been comprehensively designed to clear natural or artificial obstacles and to cross the finish line in the shortest possible time. Featuring perfect control and high-quality components, the fully mounted bike is a must for all BMX fans

High intensity cycling with a complete BMX bike

You don't want to miss out on the thrill of riding a complete BMX. Entirely designed and engineered to allow you to overcome obstacles on all road surfaces, the BMX possesses all the necessary features for racing or for having fun. The low-slung saddle and the strategically placed pedals have been designed to offer you the perfect ergonomy, and therefore the complete control of your bike

For all your racing requirements, you can buy a complete bike and add or swap components as your training progresses. Start by treating yourself to a complete bike. Mounted to 80%, the complete BMX bike has all the essential components to allow you to race in full control, irrespective of the circumstances and state of the road surface

Probikeshop, the specialist in BMX safety and performance

To get fully equipped, begin by purchasing a complete bike from the comprehensive range on offer at Probikeshop. You choose the model, the design, and the features that you need. For your race-ready bike, look no further than Probikeshop. Your BMX ride fun is just a click away

Your cycling essential can be found in the products on offer at Probikeshop. Equip yourself with all the tools, components, and spare parts you need and get out there and ride your BMX bike as you want

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