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Enjoy city cycling even more with an anti pollution mask

You regularly use your bike for commuting or running those errands in town, yet the close environment of vehicles, their exhaust pipes and city pollution frequently call into question your choice of transport. And it’s not just the exhaust fumes that you inhale, but also dust and airborne particles with each turn of the pedals. Irrespective if you are a leisurely cyclist or you go flat out, inhaling all this airborne pollution is very unpleasant. Happily there’s a solution, the anti pollution mask. Learn more about anti pollution masks in the few lines below

A cycling mask will protect you from airborne pollution

The idea behind the cycling mask is to avoid inhaling all types of airborne pollution including dust particles during your daily rides. Designed specifically for cyclists, made up of several layers that prevent water ingress and external air from penetrating the mask

As a result the air you breathe is purer than usual, free of dust and other particles, while you pedal. The perfect face mask offers optimal support as it stays in place over your nose and mouth covering your face comfortably and easily

Find the perfect anti pollution mask at Probikeshop

Secure your health and well-being during all your city rides by wearing an anti pollution mask from Probikeshop. Choose the colour scheme and design from the wide range on stock

Whether a neck warmer or a simple face mask over the nose and mouth, the cycling masks on offer at Probikeshop are all designed to provide optimal filtration for pollution-free city cycling

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