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Gloves, indispensable protection for cyclist's hands

Comfort and safety just like a pair of road or MTB cycling gloves, city cycling gloves are an indispensable item in the urban cyclist’s wardrobe when getting around town. Commuters use different pairs of gloves to suit the various weather conditions that they are likely to encounter when travelling by bike. As, not only do they provide protection in a crash and in bad weather, they also make it easier to hold the bar and absorb road vibrations. At Probikeshop you will find a wide selection of city cycling gloves to choose from including brands such as Racer, Gore, Tucano Urbano, Altura and many others.

Specific sizes for men and women

Unpadded gloves are designed for riders who need to feel every stone and obstacle encountered during their ride, and to a certain extent gloves can be as thin as the cyclist requires depending on the degree of abrasion resistance required. Conversely, models with gel or foam inserts improve comfort and will damp out vibration and reduce numbness. They have been specifically designed for those looking for more cushioning and protection. There are also several types of glove closure systems, from fiddle-free elasticated cuffs that do not damage a jersey through snagging to Velcro as the closure around your wrist is snugger and with the wider opening the glove can be pulled on and removed far more easily. Gloves with a zip opening are usually found on winter models as they are easier to slip on and remove. Some gloves are touch screen friendly as they feature compatible fingertips. Similarly, other gloves feature a Terry panel to wipe away facial perspiration in one quick motion.

Technical fabrics for the benefit of cyclists

Perfect for winter or the cooler autumn and spring days are gloves featuring technical membranes. Not only do they prevent water ingress, but they are also effective at wicking moisture away from the hands. Winter gloves are perfect for extreme conditions and have been designed often using thicker thermal fabrics for use in very low temperatures (as fingers are sensitive to the cold and exposed when cycling). We also recommend a thermal cap and neck warmer. Lighter models of glove will keep hands dry because of their breathable membrane and a simple water-repellent treatment will also protect gloves in light rain. When riding at night or in low light conditions it is essential to consider your visibility to other road users. And is why almost all brands now have models in fluorescent colours or that integrate reflective elements to make you more visible.
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