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The city bike – The bike you use every day!

City bikes, urban bikes... There are many ways of talking about the bike you use every day. City bikes suit all types of travel by bike in an urban space. City bikes have many advantages: they are the fastest way to travel over distances of less than 7 kilometres in town, they help reduce pollution and improve the health of those who ride them. When using your city bike, it is important to equip yourself with safety accessories since cyclists share the road with cars, means of public transport and other motorised two-wheel vehicles.

The city bike – A traditional bike or a fixie?

A city bike can be an MTB, road bike or any other bike used in an urban space. But, for several years now, other urban-type bikes have appeared on the market: fixies or single-speed bikes. They look like road bikes but their specifications include sprockets and single chainrings. These bikes can also be customised with coloured tyres, flat or drop urban handlebars, and even city bike saddles with a purpose-built design. These bikes have a clean style and minimal accessories.

City bike


The city bike – A bike you can customise!

City bikes are customisable. Anyone can make their bike unique by adding accessories. However, there are also different types of equipment you can use to make your trips and treks easier, such as lights or anti-theft devices. Doing so is easy in the Urban section of Probikeshop. For more ideas for customising your bike, here are some bike parts available on our website:
  • City bike brakes, saddles, stem, mudguard
  • Fixie grips, sprocket
  • Bike front light
  • ...
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