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Electric MTB – A different kind of mountain bike

The electric MTB, also known as an e-MTB, could not be better. Whether hardtail or full
suspension, this bike allows you to slowly (re)discover the pleasures of MTB and
broaden your ride horizons.

Electric MTB - An ever innovative bike and technology

Electrics bikes, whether MTBs, hybrid bikes or urban bikes, have greatly evolved over the
last few years. Before they were fitted with a central motor - a technology found in
most current models as they provide the best compromise between centre of gravity,
weight distribution and responsiveness - e-bike motors used to be located either at
the front or rear wheel, a simpler and more economical solution for entry-level
products. The battery was initially positioned on the down tube and is now
increasingly integrated with the down tube for an effective and elegant design. Other
than the technical factors, there are many e-bikes to choose from according to use
and type of practice:
  • Electric trekking MTB: this model usually measures 27.5” at the rear and 29” at the front. This 27.5/29 combination is used for shorter chain stays, thus preserving responsiveness and manoeuvrability. Furthermore, the front wheel has the advantage of providing a lot of comfort and increasing the rider’s performance. These bikes are often hardtail and so they are lighter than those with full suspension.
  • Cross-Country Electric MTB: includes the same features as a trekking electric MTB (hardtail with 27.5” at the rear and 29” at the front) but has a more aggressive shape to focus more on performance and competition.
  • All Mountain Electric MTB: this model generally measures 27.5+ and has full suspension for guaranteed comfort and stability. The travel varies between 130 and 150 mm, depending on the brands and models. This is a multi-purpose bike that you can enjoy on all types of terrain.
  •  Enduro Electric MTB: comes in several versions so it can suit everyone's tastes - the wheels can measure 27.5”, 27.5+, 29” and 29+ and travel can vary between 140 and 170mm. This MTB has the advantage of making downhill riding enjoyable by providing a low centre of gravity and thus making it easy to manoeuvre. The assistance is also a great help when taking on an incline.
  •  Freeride-DH Electric MTB: 27.5+ model with rear travel exceeding 150 mm. This bike is for pilots seeking extreme sensations and are always on the hunt for their next run.
  • Fatbike Electric MTB: this model is often hardtail and has tyres whose upper section exceeds 3.00” and can go all the way to 4.00”. This allows riders to cycle with tyres at a low pressure so they can let loose on all routes with the advantages of electric assistance.
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