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The gravel frameset, your ally for adventure riding

The gravel, or adventure bike, is a clever mix of the speed of a road bike combined with the intensity of a cyclo-cross bike. Designed for riding on smooth roads as on perfectly uneven and bumpy trails, gravel riding involves finding the right equipment for your bike. For optimal comfort and precise, predictable steering, choose a gravel frameset that is the best adapted to your style of adventure cycling

The gravel frameset that will accompany you on all trails and tracks

The irregularity and difficulty of riding on gravel means that you need the right equipment. If the frame is too heavy or too stiff, you risk wasting energy during your ride and getting sore arms without reaching your objectives

A suitable gravel frame requires specific features for effective training and riding. It must be as light as possible, yet solid enough to face anything that you might ever want to throw at it. Its unique design offers phenomenal power transfer from the cyclist's feet to the rear wheel, and each pedal stroke has to contribute to the satisfaction of an effective workout

Get the perfect gravel frameset from Probikeshop

At Probikeshop, we offer you a comprehensive range of components all perfectly adapted to your bike and to you, whether you more are a fun, an experienced, or passionate cyclist. For gravel enthusiasts, we have all the parts and components with which you might ever need to equip your bike to allow you to ride with peace of mind

With a Probikeshop gravel frameset, you can tackle all kinds of trails in total comfort. For precision steering and perfect compatibility indulge yourself by choosing a component that corresponds to your bike, and to your objectives in terms of adventure cycling

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