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Complete road bike groupsets

It may be that you push your bike hard when training or racing, but whatever most components found on bikes, and particularly those on road and MTB bikes are subject to wear and tear. Due to the buzz and impacts encountered on your rides, the performance of certain components will deteriorate over time. This may well be the moment to purchase a complete groupset to replace those parts that have worn or that are no longer operating correctly. At Probikeshop we stock a wide and comprehensive range of road bike groupsets

Give your bike a facelift with a new road bike groupset

The groupset includes all the major components that make up your bike’s transmission, parts that wear relatively quickly, or faster if you tend to push hard, but also parts that are essential for the proper working of your bike

Road bike groupsets include shifters, front and rear derailleurs, a cassette, brakes, bottom bracket, brake levers etc. And all the highly essential components that enable your bike to operate correctly. The advantage of purchasing a complete groupset, as opposed to purchasing individual components, is the security that you are purchasing parts that are fully compatible with each other as they all belong to the same groupset

Purchase a new road bike groupset from Probikeshop

At Probikeshop we stock a wide and comprehensive range of road bike groupsets to enable you to purchase components that are fully compatible with your bike and the technical features that you seek

Superior quality components, made from durable materials, totally compatible with your bike, to give it a whole new lease of life and an improved performance. At Probikeshop, you will find the very best groupsets to allow you to keep your bike in perfect working order

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