Bike accessories


Bike accessories – Everything you need to simplify your ride!

“Bike accessories” refer to all products that make life easier when we are on our bike: whether they are for maintenance, our safety or the safety of the bike, streamlining our training or helping us to transport items while we cycle. Bike accessories are found on all types of bikes from a city bike to a BMX including an MTB and a road bike. Tools, luggage, home-trainers, stickers, bike locks, bike computers, GPS devices, cameras, heart rate monitors, bike lights, mudguards, pannier racks and bike carriers are all things we need everywhere, both on and off our bikes!


Bike accessories – What you need to maintain your bike

Bike accessories also include all the products you need to clean, style or maintain your bike. Bike maintenance products allow you to lubricate and clean grease marks off your drivetrain, and clean the frame and components so you can breathe some new life into your bike. Whether you enjoy a little DIY on the weekends or you are an experienced mechanic, the bike tools available on will easily allow you to change worn parts, improve your actual bike or even assemble the bike of your dreams, piece by piece.


Bike accessories – Everything you need to transport your belongings

When it comes to bike accessories, don’t forget about luggage and pannier racks. On, you will find everything you need to equip your two-wheeler, whatever your choice of bike: From a simple bag that you can fasten to your saddle so you can carry a repair kit with you to luggage so you can go off on a multi-day trek. And if you actually want to transport the bike itself then consider a bike bag: This bag will make sure that, by the end of the trip, your bike is in the same state it was in at the beginning!

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