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Maintenance materials for your wheels and tyres

To maintain or give new possibilities to the tyres and wheels of your road or mountain bike, you will need specific tools and replacement parts. A small repair and maintenance kit, though frequently overlooked, is a must for all your rides, irrespective of the ride distance or duration

Replacement bike valves, an essential item for your rides

Bike valves are among the small components that are most prone to damage or breakage during your rides and races. And for good reason, a trail littered with stones and rocks will put your valves under great stress, and if your wheels get stuck between rocks it is quite possible that the valve may break with immediate consequences for your ride

Replace your valves at Probikeshop

At Probikeshop, you will easily find the perfect valves that comply with the features of your wheels. To avoid replacing your entire tyre and the wheel from buckling, you should take your time in choosing the perfect valve for your rims

Probikeshop, specialist in cycling equipment and accessories, stock a large range of replacement parts and maintenance material for your tyres and wheels. Tailor your equipment orders to the model of your bike, and optimise your training rides

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