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A cycling rain jacket for optimal protection when wet

Cycling is the ultimate outdoor sport. As a passionate cyclist, neither rain nor shine can stop you getting out on the bike for a training ride. But for your own safety and health, it is imperative to be equipped for all types of weather. Starting with rain

Buy yourself a rain jacket to be fully equipped even during those wet training rides

There's nothing more uncomfortable than pedalling in the rain and being soaked to the skin in just a few seconds. The rain gets everywhere, down your neck, into your saddle bag, your shoes, your jersey and shorts are rapidly saturated, and training becomes a bore. Avoid getting ill and continue training by investing in a quality cycling jacket

There’s a vast array of cycling gear that has been specifically designed to protect you from head to toe in wet weather and from the cold in winter. Made from rain-resistant materials they will also help protect you from the intense cold in winter

Find your high-performance rain gear at Probikeshop

Probikeshop stocks a wide range of rainwear for cyclists allowing you to keep well despite inclement weather. Made of durable and supple textiles, the rainwear you will find at Probikeshop offers you unrestricted freedom of movement throughout your pedal stroke. Heat sealed, they keep the rain out and protect you from the cold

Browse through all the rainwear options available at Probikeshop, for those that suit your personal preferences and the type of cycling you do. Reflective clothing for cycling at night, and waterproof in all circumstances

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