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The turbo trainer tyre, for your workouts at home

Whether it's because of the weather, or to warm up before, or relax your muscles after, an intense workout, there is nothing like a turbo trainer. Use an indoor training session to improve your pedal stroke or your stability on the bike. But like all equipment in the cycling world, home trainer parts occasionally need replacing and notably the turbo trainer tyre, that is frequently put under stress

The turbo trainer tyre, the key component to a successful workout

Roller type home trainers are perfect for indoor workouts and for replicating rides. However, as home trainer tyres are put under considerable stress, it is sometimes necessary to replace them. Whether it's damaged, deflated or doesn't grip as well as it did, a high-quality home trainer tyre can be a real boost to your personal progress

With its silence, grip, comfort and heat dissipation qualities, the turbo trainer tyre is a must-have for all your indoor training sessions. In addition, good quality material can only be positive for the long-term life of your turbo trainer

Change your turbo trainer tyre at Probikeshop

At Probikeshop, we give you the means to keep your home trainer in good working condition for many years. Invest in a good turbo trainer tyre to avoid wear and tear of your usual tyres and to ensure continual progress during your indoor training sessions

Made from a special material, Probikeshop’s turbo trainer tyres are perfectly compatible with your bike for optimising your pedal stroke. Remarkably quiet, they allow you to concentrate on what really matters, your heart rate and your technique

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