Streetwear, a trend that is becoming more and more widespread

Streetwear is an urban clothing style that appeared on the streets of the United States in the 80s. In the cradle of hip hop and rap music, in the beginning, streetwear was also known as “skatewear” since this fashion quickly spread to the skateboarding world. This casual style is easily recognisable by its wide and comfortable cuts and the use of big logos and silkscreen printing to clearly showcase brand identity. Classic outfits include sweatshirts, T-shirts, long tank tops, jeans and skinny or wide-legged trousers, caps and beanies of all types, and the unmissable sneakers. The trend spread throughout the years and has more and more followers these days, including both the young and not so young. Consequently, more and more big ready-to-wear brands have decided to integrate a streetwear range into their offer. Streetwear is also very popular amongst sporty types: the look is simple, baggy and comfortable, in a way that brings it very close to “sportswear”, meaning wearing sports clothing for everyday use.

The evolution of streetwear through the ages

At the beginning of the millennium, along with the arrival of the Internet, streetwear became more than just a clothing style. It became a lifestyle, strictly speaking. This get-up was initially rejected by a large number of brands but it then became much more popular from the 2010s onward. Up-and-coming popular designers use it more and more as inspiration and even luxury brands (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, etc.) do the same. These big brands have taken over the trend by combining sophisticated materials with the streetwear design.

Streetwear at Probikeshop

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