Cycling – A sport, a hobby, good fun and the ideal type of transportation!

The bike, also known as “bicycle” is not just a UK hobby and outdoor sport. It is also a type of transportation that functions solely based on the energy expended by its user: the cyclist! To cycle is to be environmentally friendly, silent, economical, fast and healthy. Bikes and electric bikes have many advantages and more than a few fans.
There have been balance bicycles, velocipedes, and penny-farthings. The bike has diverse origins, all of which materialised in the heart of the 19th century. Many shops opened in the UK, cycling slowly became more accessible and specialisations began to appear: you could become the owner of a mountain bike, a road bike, an electric bike, as well as a bike designed for urban use and there were even bike ranges specially made for your child...
Bikes began to look like the models we know today at the end of the 19th century and their popularity rose at the beginning of the 20th, especially thanks to the Tour de France, launched in 1903. Since then, bikes have continued evolve. However, regardless of the discipline, they have always had something in common.
The main bike parts:
  • The frame
  • The fork
  • Two aligned wheels with tyres or tubular tyres
  • The handlebar
  • The drivetrain: chain, brakes, chainset, cables and housings
  • Accessories (or components): saddle, seatpost, stem, pedals...

When a cyclist presses down on the pedals, this causes the chainset to rotate and this, through the chain and rear sprocket, causes the back wheel to spin and the bike to move forwards.

Cycling – A constant evolution!

Bikes work in a simple way but, from there on, they become hugely different when it comes to disciplines and equipment. Road Bike, Gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, track bikes, full suspension mountain bikes or hardtail mountain bikes, for all-mountain, DH, and enduro, etc. BMX or the freestyle race bikes, fixies, tour and trekking bikes, city bikes, cargo and folding bikes, and even electric bikes... As you can see in our online shop, there are bikes for all types of uses and all types of people!
UK points of sale are also becoming more diverse: you can find an MTB shop that specialises in MTB parts, shops especially for road bikes or hybrid models, and more. There is something for everyone!
Today, bikes are designed so we can cycle everywhere in all kinds of conditions and so they meet the needs of every cyclist. Do you want to cycle to work or are you more into leisurely rides or maybe even competitions? Speed or an enjoyable slower pace? Anyone can find bikes that work for them! Bikes for adults, bikes for women, kids’ bikes... There are even tandem bikes so you can discover the joys of cycling as a duo!
The components and materials used have massively evolved for every type of bike over the last few years. Nowadays, frames are no longer necessarily made of steel. There are now more and more titanium, aluminium and carbon frames, according to the discipline and the brand ranges. Frames have become sturdier and more resistant, while remaining light and easy to handle.
Forks, wheels, brakes and the handlebar have continuously changed over time. Each discipline has also evolved in its own right to improve the practice for its users (electronic groupsets for road bikes, mountain bike suspensions and disc brakes, and BMX rotors, etc.).

Cycling – Find the ideal bike in our shop

Whichever bike you are looking for, whichever your favourite discipline, whatever your taste or your budget, you can choose from over 600 brands in our shop. What’s more, the online bike shop offers a huge range of fully-assembled bikes, frames and components, as well as a whole host of accessories, so you can equip or upgrade your bike, maintain it, make it easy to use and transport, and even optimise your training.
GPS computers and watches, bike carriers, anti-theft devices, bike pumps, maintenance products, backpacks and waist bags, sports nutrition products such as energy bars, gels or recovery drinks, bottles and bottle carriers, covers and storage units, protections and mudguards, lights, luggage, roof storage, electrostimulation devices, watt meters and spare parts: chains, derailleurs, inner tubes, tyres, handles, pedals, cables and housings, sprockets, etc. We have everything you need so you can enjoy your bike as much as possible.
The Probikeshop online shop also offers cycling clothing, equipment for cyclists and riders, and protections that suit every discipline!

Probikeshop is evolving online and it is also growing in the real world: our 1300 sq. ft. shop is in the ideal location in the heart of the Confluence neighbourhood in Lyon (69). This Concept Store is designed to bring together brands, experts, athletes and passionate cyclists to provide you with a unique immersive experience. A community space where you can find top products and people who cycle with passion.
Our teams love to help you discover a variety of parts (MTB parts, hybrid bike parts, etc.): handlebars, brakes, wheels, forks, helmets, etc. And there are also many fully-assembled bikes from a large number of diverse brands.
The Probikeshop headquarters are still based in the former location at Manufrance in Saint-Etienne (42), the historic cradle of the cycle industry in France. There, you will find even more gear and all the services you need to get the most out of your orders: free expert advice from our technical advisors, payments plans in 3 or 4 instalments with no interest fee, express deliveries, the right to withdraw within 30 days, a guaranteed and responsive after-sales service, etc. We go above and beyond to meet your needs as soon as you make buying a bike your mission!

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