Oakley Prizm technology


After making its debut in motocross in the 1970s, the OAKLEY brand has become one of the biggest names in sports eyewear across a plethora of disciplines, including cycling, skiing and surfing. OAKLEY possesses unrivalled eyewear expertise with no fewer than 650 patents registered over the last 30 years.

The brand also has its own distinct style which has been adopted by the biggest names in cycling, from Greg LeMond, who made the brand popular with his Tour de France exploits in the 1980s, to Peter Sagan, the new star of world cycling.


OAKLEY Prizm Technology


The fruit of 15 years of research and development, Prizm technology enhances visual comfort by improving the wearer’s perception of their surroundings, thus ensuring improved safety and performance. The light-filtering lenses adjust the spectrum wavelength so as to accentuate the contrast and any colours which may appear dull to the naked eye or when seen through traditional tinted lenses.

OAKLEY has developed several types of Prizm lenses which are specifically adapted to different environments, with Prizm Road models designed for use on the road and Prizm Trail and MX models lending themselves to MTB disciplines. There are also several Prizm Universal models available in the Lifestyle collections, which enable you to enjoy enhanced colours every single day!

  • Enhanced visual sharpness to help you see better and react faster
  • Improved colour recognition by focusing on what you need to see
  • Optimised ability to see and follow moving objects in your peripheral vision
  • Increased safety and performance to enable you to ride with confidence.


Prizm road

Due to the enhanced perception of contrasts and textures that it affords, Prizm technology is particularly well-suited to road cycling, where road-level hazards such as gravel and pot holes can be difficult to see when travelling at speed. Prizm Road lenses enable you to ride confidently in both sunlight and shade by improving the visibility of white road signs and markings, green vegetation and blue sky.

  • Improved visibility in both direct sunlight and shade
  • Road markings appear more vibrant and traffic lights more intense in colour
  • Enhanced sky and vegetation colour to ensure a more pleasant riding experience.

Test the PRIZM technology

Naked eye


Prizm trail

When riding off-road, roots, stones, fallen leaves and bumpy terrain are all potential hazards that a rider has to pinpoint very quickly in order to choose the best line. Therefore, safety and performance are of paramount importance and Prizm Trail lenses have been designed with this firmly in mind. The latest technology has been used to improve colour and contrast perception, especially shades of green, brown and red, the colours which are most frequently encountered on forest trails.

  • Enhanced reds and browns
  • More vibrant plant and foliage colours
  • Increased vision in direct sunlight and shaded areas.
Naked eye


Prizm MX

Designed for Motocross, the Prizm lenses contained in Oakley goggles are also used by MTB riders in very demanding disciplines. Prizm MX goggles filter and adjust light to provide maximum colour contrast and optimally render different shades of brown so as to help you choose the right line, enabling you to gain those precious fractions of a second that could make all the difference. Designed to function optimally in both direct sunlight and shade, Prizm MX goggles enhance your safety and will contribute to your success on the bike.

  • Improved perception of subtle light changes by differentiating between shades of brown
  • Enhanced visual sharpness to enable faster decision-making
  • Ideal for all light conditions, regardless of vegetation cover
Naked eye


Prizm Universal

Prizm technology has also been used for the lenses in the Lifestyle collection, designed for everyday use. In this collection, the Prizm lenses serve primarily to enhance perceived colour brightness and contrast. Polarised technology has also been used to eliminate reverb effects and thus ensure optimal visual comfort. Prizm lenses are available with different tints – Ruby, Jade, Sapphire, Tungsten, Black – to ensure a large range of styles.

  • Deeper reds
  • Brighter skies
  • Resplendent green foliage
  • More vibrant yellows and oranges
Naked eye

In addition to Prizm, OAKLEY offers several other lens options.
Polarised and photo-chromatic lenses may well be relatively common nowadays, but they certainly improve visual comfort for people with an active lifestyle!


Polarized HD technology

OAKLEY’s Polarized HD lens technology eliminates glare, a problem commonly encountered by cyclists when looking at surface water or any surface which reflects the sun’s rays. By removing the unpleasant reverb effects, which in the long-term can lead to visual fatigue, polarising lenses increase rider comfort and slightly accentuate contrast perception. OAKLEY’s technology “breaks the mould” by dispensing with glue and intermediate layers, which cause distortion, and instead using a precise infusion moulding process to join the lenses and the frame.

Naked eye
Polarized HD


Photochromic Technology

OAKLEY offers multi-purpose photochromic lenses which are very comfortable to wear, especially on the road! They adapt to the ambient light and can transition from a clear tint to Black Iridium, i.e. minimum light transmission, in a mere 8 seconds. Photochromic lenses are particularly practical in variable weather conditions with a mixture of light and shaded road sections.


Iridium Technology

Iridium OAKLEY lenses are useful for both road cycling and MTB as they reflect some of the sun’s light, to better protect your eyes, and feature a mirror effect which gives the glasses a very modern, sporty look.

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