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Delivery conditions, extended time periods, returns, etc.
We take stock of the current situation with you. Go here to see our latest.

Please expect some delivery delays

People have become so enthusiastic about cycling that we are currently suffering a few delivery delays.
Deliveries are currently taking longer than usual.


Contact-free delivery

All deliveries are now contact-free. So we can protect you and continue to protect others.

I have a problem. What should I do?

Many of you are asking us questions about the current situation.
So we can answer you as quickly as possible, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions.


    Will Probikeshop still make deliveries during lockdown?

    Yes. Probikeshop will continue to process your orders and make home deliveries.

    How are contact-free home deliveries made?

    Your safety is our priority. To this end, as of now, whichever haulier you select when making your order, all home deliveries will follow the “Contact-Free Delivery” procedure, in accordance with national directives.

    Contact-free delivery will take place in the following manner:

    1. Through the letterbox:

    If it is possible due to the size of the package and if the delivery driver is equipped to do so then deliveries will be made through your letterbox as a priority.

    If a delivery through the letterbox is not possible:

    2. In front of you:

    The delivery driver will ring your doorbell and place the package on the ground. They will step back immediately to keep at a safe distance (at least 2 m away) before the door is opened. The delivery driver may leave the package on the doorstep to ensure, from a distance, that the package has indeed been received by the customer. It will not be necessary to sign the delivery form. This will ensure there is no contact between the delivery driver and you.

    I have a Mondial Relay package (delivery or return) pending on their network. What will happen?

    If this is the case then you will have already received a refund from Probikeshop.


    Why are delivery times longer?

    We have reinforced our procedures to process all orders while complying with rules of good hygiene. The timer periods provided take into account these longer preparation times. We are doing as much as possible to reduce your waiting time

    I made an order, when will I receive it?

    Despite the slowdown, all of our hauliers are fulfilling our orders all over the country. Each haulier has implemented specific procedures. Therefore, please read the information available on the delivery page and rely on the information provided along with the tracking n. for your package.

    Are delivery times always guaranteed

    Given the current health crisis, we are adapting our procedures every day to ensure continuity of service while protecting the health of our teams. We are also subject to certain restrictions imposed by the hauliers. Due to these changes, delivery times are no longer guaranteed.


    When will the Ambassade be open to the public again?

    Our Lyon Concept Store will once again be open to the public from Tuesday 12 May. Everybody’s health is our priority and so we have reinforced our procedures to welcome you to are store while fully respecting rules of good hygiene.

    Therefore, we wish to inform you that:

    1. Only 3 customers can be in the store at a time.

    2. Hand sanitiser gel will be available to you and all members of staff will wear masks.

    3. There will be floor markings and sign posts to direct you to the queue and there will be different queues for different purposes: getting advice, repairs at our workshop, or receiving your contact-free “Click & Collect” order.

    How will the contact-free "Click & Collect” order collection work at the Lyon store?

    Together, we are working harder than ever so that you can receive your merchandise in the best possible conditions
    If you have chosen to collect your order at the Probikeshop Ambassade, please follow these steps:

    1. You may come and collect your order as soon as you receive an email confirming that your order is available. No earlier!

    2. Once you are at the store, follow the sign posts to the queue specifically for collecting packages. Please comply with the floor markings and safety distances.

    3. When the salesperson calls you, go to the counter and show the salesperson your ID while complying with the one-metre safety distance. (They only need to see it from a distance.)

    4. Your package will be placed on the counter/surface and the salesperson will then move back to maintain the safety distance so you can move forward to collect it.

    5. It will no longer be necessary to sign the delivery form to avoid contact. Our salesperson will do that for you.

    INFO : Please remember that hand sanitiser gel will be available in the store. To keep everybody healthy, please wear a protective mask when you come to the store.

    I want to get my bike repaired at the Ambassade, what should I do?

    Our workshop is committed to repairing, assembling and/or adjusting your bike within 24h. If you do not have the necessary equipment for the repair, you may obtain it on site. To do so, you must book an appointment in advance. Appointments may only be booked over the telephone or by email. Requests made on social networks cannot be processed.

    Which services will be available when the Ambassade opens on 12 May?

    During this post-lockdown period, you may go to the Ambassade to receive advice, use the workshop repair service or collect a “Click & Collect” order.
    All performance services (posture study, product test, tailored soles, training test on connected home trainer, coaching, etc.) are still unavailable for the time being..

    What upcoming events are scheduled at the Ambassade?

    As people gatherings are prohibited, we confirm that no public events are planned for the time being. However we push our limits and do not limit ourselves to our challenges and so we can confirm that we are organising live events on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), such as interviews with VIPs, presentations of new ranges, conferences on different topics (coaching, triathlons, nutrition, travelling by bike, etc.) and many other surprises.
    So #staytunned !


    Which methods of payment are still available?

    We are adapting our website as quickly as possible, according to the information we receive from hauliers and the government. Furthermore, methods of payment available are listed during the Payment step of the order procedure.


    I wish to return an item, what should I do?

    From 12 May, our preferred partner for returns will gradually reopen their network. Therefore, the €2 return option will once again be available. Please follow the returns procedure.


    I have made or wish to make a claim on my warranty. What happens now?

    Our customer service remains operational and is available to answer your questions. However, some manufacturers have temporarily limited or suspended their after-sales service. We may also ask you to make your request again once the crisis period is over.


    I am looking for a Home Trainer, will you receive any?

    New arrivals are ongoing. Please check the specific page regularly for more information and to order your item

    I cannot find my question on this list, who can I contact?

    Our Customer Service remains operational and is available, exclusively by email, to answer all of your questions.

  • I cannot find the answer to my query

    Our Customer Service answers all the queries that we receive.

    However, due to the high number of requests, we can only process queries sent by e-mail (excluding Facebook, Instagram or Youtube).
    Our telephone line is not available at the moment.

    Our current response time is: 1 week minimum.

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