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Electric Road Bikes
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Electric road bike

The Electric Road bikes have a very specific and comprehensive design, a contained weight and there are models for all types of road practices (trekking, cyclosportives, performance). This makes these bikes a serious option for cyclists.

Electric road bike - a sophisticated design

The Electric Road Bikes look very similar to models with a little more muscle and their battery is often integrated with the down tube. They will certainly win you over, both with their sleek look and with their dynamic response, along with the added comfort of the power assistance.
Our selection of electric road bikes is suited to all road practices. The main advantages of these electric bike models is that they are better at managing your output based on your whims and what you are doing on the day. If you want more of an intense ride, you simply need to set your bike to provide you with the weakest level of assistance and you are good to go!

Electric road bike - high performance is on the menu

The Electric Road Bikes provide enough battery life for a nice ride lasting 50 to 100 kilometres, or even longer, depending on the landscape variety, weather conditions (wind and temperature), the weight of the rider and their physical fitness. If cyclists have lower levels of fitness and wish to use electric assistance throughout most of the ride or wish to travel longer distances, they can bring a second battery in their backpack. This battery integrates with the bike down tube on most models. The battery is combined with a motor that is positioned either at the rear wheel - for optimal power transmission and fluid pedalling - or at the bottom bracket - providing a lower centre of gravity, very good weight distribution and the ability to install the wheels of your choice.
To make pedalling easier, the motor is automatically triggered when pedalling (using a cadence sensor at the chain stay level) and, beyond 25 km/h, the system disconnects to allow riders to reach higher speeds without any pedalling resistance. This type of motor is programmed to provide light support at the start and then further support as the cyclist increases their pedalling power for a natural pedalling feel.
The Electric Road Bike provides very little excess weight making it multi-purpose in a manner that has never been seen before. It also makes the bike uniquely comfortable so that you can take on the most legendary mountains, spice up your rides or simply fall back in love with cycling.

Electric road bike - your training partner

The Electric Road bike provides steady and proportionate assistance, making it ideal both for beginners or cyclists with moderate fitness and competitors who want to ride often without overloading their body with too much training. It is also the perfect tool for a specialised training session or more technical work that simply focusses on pedalling, whatever the type of route or weather conditions. The bike is similar to a home trainer with the added pleasure of still riding outdoors!

Electric road bike - What factors influence the battery life?

The battery life information provided by bike and motor manufacturers are for information purposes only. The main factors that cause loss of battery life are as follows: head wind, inclines, temperature below 15°C, under-inflated tyres, user weight over 70 kg, incorrect bike configuration, incorrect use of gears. Battery life for a Road bike may vary particularly in accordance with the physical fitness of the cyclist and the route, as it should be reminded that the assistance disconnects beyond 25 km/h. Therefore, a cyclist in good shape who is cycling through gently rolling landscape will only make use of the motor during the steepest sections and will use pure manpower for the rest of the ride.
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